The Journey Begins…

March 27, 2018

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome!

Here it is, my blog; Freedom of Beats!

I always knew 2018 was the year for me – I’m 28, my favourite number, and ready for whatever the world throws at me!

Fortunately it threw me the best incidental opportunity where I am now travelling the land of the long white reviewing concerts of some of my favourite acts (both national and international), and talking to some of my idols – which some, I may add, are ending in some sweet hang outs ops!

So here you will find reviews, articles from interviews, photos or videos from my adventures , along with any other random things that come from my Lemmings (if you know me, you know they are more than just a computer game from the 90s).

A quick lesson behind the name of the site…it is a pun on three things:

  1. Freedom of speech – As a drama teacher, I find it way more interesting to say the brain is controlled by lemmings who all have jobs with a chance to be free (except for Dwayne…he’s the guy who keeps coming into work drunk and playing with the voice box and not making any sense…coincidentally when I have also consumed alcoholic beverages).
  2. I am half Rotuman, which is a small island off/apart of Fiji…F.O.B – you work it out
  3. It’s mainly about the music.

So that’s me!

Let’s get ready for some informal banter, with an attempt at professionalism.



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